Its our buisness to make you compliant

CDM Regulations Management Systems

Relationship between the 'Client' and the 'Principle Contractor' with regard to CDM contracts are essential, strong management controls are required to ensure project deliverables.

Enforced by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the regulations ensure the highest standards of health and safety on site, the management of risks by ensuring the project uses suitably qualified and experienced people and promotes a pro-active approach by 'designing out' risks from the beginning of the project instead of mitigating the effects later.

We see CDM compliance not as a liability, but as an opportunity to apply innovative value engineering to a project, often reducing the costs and finding ways of increasing its energy performance or sustainability.

Leading our approach is our CDM auditing system, exacting an ISO approach to the evaluation of the health & safety systems of contractors and sub-contractors by reviewing the content of their health & safety policy documents, and assessing whether their intentions are being translated into systems that are actually in use on-site.

Policy and Procedural Writing - Internal and External Auditing

Performance Analysis - Process Management